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                      Fuzzy Mind

An ideal reality is a math reality, everything is precise to the point, but unfortuneately, the world reality is physical, that is to say, it is not precise to the point. In order to get a ideal perception of the world, we need ideal reality and sensors at the same time, but whether there is a ideal reality remains a question, because to answer that, we should have an ideal measurement of the reality, and to accomplish that we need ideal rulers or sensors, these are somethings we just don't possess. When a car is moving at a relatively high speed, we can tell positively that it is moving, but at what exact speed we will never be able to be absolutely precise. With our eyes we receive blur images varying in degree of blurness. So we can only be positive on a relative scale to our sensor ability. With a fuzzy mind, Then we have a problem about if the physical world is fuzzy too. May it be precise to the point but we just can get it that way, may all be fuzzy. 

 Without a exact picture, does the reality exist at all? We can not rule out that a fuzzy reality is also a kind of reality. We don't have to cry for loosing ideal math reality, we still can live a life with some degree of fuzziness, can't we?

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