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                The context of consciousness 

Observing and interpreting are different components in consciousness, for example, a two year old child is watching or observing, but he does not interpret what is going on and even has no memory of what has happen.
By accident, people loose memories and can not recognize things before, that is unable to interpret, not unable to observe.

but to observe without a context meaning is not interpretation.
Interpretation is not absolutely subjective. Subjectiveness can be equal to objectiveness under certain conditions. Otherwise there will not be so many new objects around. To interpret needs a context of interrelated events. The context is build by learning in life and reading experience. 

Some have more logically arranged contexts than others, less dead loopings, built on a consistent structure, so they are more knowledgeable and predictive on future events. 

Observation is data collection or stimulants reception, it is the simulation of the observed without analysis or cause study of any kind, we hear a noise without knowing what it is or see a dog running without knowing what it is after. Another example is the price movement in the forex or stock markets, we observe the price movement but no one can claim that he full interprets the movement. 

Interpretation is the cause study or digitalize the simulation data. For instance, there is a cause behind the price change but the problem is the causer may not know he is the cause. Just like a atomic train reaction, we know on a large scale how much mass is needed to have a reaction, but not which particle is the cause of train reaction. Yet the door is still open, with technology development, the possibility to find the cause remains.

With interpretation we know what to focus on and can better observe. 

Our bodies react to temperature changes without our explicit notion, that is biological reaction. We have very little control over its process and it is often done before or without awareness. Consciousness does have properties, the question is by what standard to classify. The concept of level of consciousness or state of consciousness is one option. At the biological level, it is subconscious. Different people do vary in the properties of consciousness because they react uniquely to the same outside. The lie detector is a good example, in cases when the consciousness tells no but the body signals yes.

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