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"Evil" is a synthetical judgement, to the extreme degree of harm, of a process from the motive, by what means, to the end result. When a tiger bites a man, we don't call it "evil", because we understand it is natural for a tiger to be unable to choose a cow from a man. We also forgive a psycho for many bad behaviors because of the inability to judge extremely bad from minor bad. Extreme feelings are the major factor to lead to extremes means and results like hate or thirsty for anything like love, money, power, etc.

The result maybe subjective because the condition of judgement is changing with time, for instance, we don't call a disease as an evil because we can control it now, but it was not the case tens of years ago. And we may regard homo-sex as an evil act years ago and not so now, Because the standard of judgement has changed.

But if a tiger bites a number of men we may call it "evil", because the harm is much greater despite of its inability to distinguish. So we may say the judgement of "Evil" is the result after weighing many factors and we don't accept extremes no matter what ever the reason.

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