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        What is god's expectation for humans

Love?justice?understanding?mutual?no harm?bias?distrust?hate?destruction?

Love is good.
But as a moral level standard, the expectation is too high to be realistic.
I don't thing god is controlling human through a rod or thread on our hands, otherwise he will not allow free will of whatever kind. In the rod case, human being will never learn to achieve anything. 
I think god have positive goal for his expectation in term of system consideration and may intervene on vital moment, but not in individual case, it is just impossible unless we were all part of computer game.
As to the allah case, he has a too strong possessive feeling which is unhealthy because the rationality is stifled and not in a balancing position with desires.
The culture evolution of both beliefs has proven that which one gives a more fruitful life. 

Soul and wisdom are the two sides of a coin, with soul you will look for higher wisdom, with wisdom you will have a better soul. 

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