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     Can we have knowledge and happiness at the same time

Free knowledge is facial. People are concerned with their own satisfaction, not others feeling.

A good social system should lead people, mot led by greedy people.

People are not born non-ignorant and since learning is painful, at least no hurry to the general public. As the material attractions are so abundant, concentrating on mind issue is not easy. These will all lead to lowering morality.
When people try to amend the inside weakness with outside rules, the rules are not reliable too, people manipulate rules.
Frustration? yes. When the bad years come, frustration leads to destruction.

If you forget all your wishes, you will be happy. Knowledge comes more from pain than happiness, so you can not get both at the same time unless you take knowledge as the prime source of happiness and give up most of other wishes.

Happiness is an empty goal and can only be regarded as the the by-result of valuable pursuits and it can not be a goal by itself.

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