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            Languages and Thinking

As I have said the open-minded social climate is vital to objectiveness of perceptions. A language reflects the way of thinking and perception. English is a kind of analytical language which is complementary to Chinese, a synthetic language. Combining the two way of thinking means a lot to creative ideas.

Openess means tolerance for differences at the least, acceptance at the better,love is at the best.

Europian area follows the latin thread of analytical thinking. That is why analysis thrives in math and physics. So a sythetic way is the badly-needed complementary way in advancing human perception.

No one has exactly the same understanding of words with others, but in the commonly used sense. So the fact that people know what a fool is about in common sense renders no guarantee that they know it is relative philosophically.

Any expression of thinking uses the tool of language, but just different kind of languages in different professins. Math language is composed of symbols with some amount of words too. Can you define the meaning of a symbol with a word? Any concept without a word?
Engineers use drawings as their prime language, but can you teach engineering without a word? Can they work without a word?
Language of word is a general tool in expression and philosophy deals with generalization, that is why. Not because a word is less efficient, unclear and inferior in expression.


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