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Management Research Branch 

It is nice to make 100 good decisions, but insisting on one mistake will ruin all of them.
When we organize people to work together in order to achieve a certain goal or goals, we face the problem of management efficiency, that is to say, to get the maximum result at the minimum cost. We also look at the problem from the  point of view of time, we expect that best efficiency can sustain a very long period. The efficiency is not a constant, it varies from time to time with highs and lows. But we want it to keep above a certain level and the fluctuation is within a reasonable bandwidth.  Sometimes, we want it at a very level if in emergency.

One thing is for sure. If we do not have the right people with the necessary characteristics, we will not achieve what we want to, especially when the target is high and the competition is severe. We are forced to take care of the rationality of our behavior.

We achieve goals through people, so all the problems are human problems. Up to now, people are the most complicated creature in this world. We got to face so many different kinds of people, it is really amazing to see the effects of putting different people together in different ways.   

We are going to work more like artists, rather than  office bureaucrats. when we leave the age of quantity into the age of quality, we need to revolutionize working and employment relationship.  

 We are going to create something new every day instead of copying yesterday. 

We have tow extreme cases in organization, one is the democracy, and the other the dictatorship.

The core is the interest. The general principle is that the one or ones who commit the most, get the most in return, that is to say in proportion to contribution.  

 What about an old company with a lot of managers around? They are adding up to the effectiveness or they are obstacles to necessary changes which might affect their range of interests. Or maybe they are just too old for those new changes and learn some new tricks.

how to stimulate people to contribute, the best way is that working is their favorite because they can realize their life values by create something.

how to introduce competition into company politics which set up a benign effort-reward cycle. People will improve themselves to win instead of chopping others' heads to make themselves seem taller.

how to get staff interest-reward involved in company operation which may create a selfdiscipline and mutual monitoring environment. 

what characteristics in employees we promote and what we discourage? We will reward them by their merits or contribution, interests or positions, and  working hours or ages? 

We create a new management practice which is called management bio-simulation.

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