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             Meaning or Purpose of life

The title starts a endless trace back to what is the point of the universe existence.

What I believe is that death is a limit to life time, but human being can challenge it, that is to find a way to get over it to achieve eternity, or at least much longer life time spand. Maybe we do not have the chance to see it happening (it is getting longer and longer), at least we have done something to help others reaching it. The future guys are lucky but we should not complain too much as we all enjoy the work of earliers.

As to what is the meaning or purpose of achieving such a goal, that is God's business, we can only see it when the time comes for us to be able to see it.

There is a tint of uncertainty or circumstantial character about life, but, a big but ,there is a equal amount of certainty too. We should not over emphasis one and ignore the other.

There is no such thing as absolute freedom, but we can have, to some degree of, freedom. And we continue to struggle for more of it if you appreciate progress of evolution.

It is not a psychological perception, freedom can have objective measurement. But different people feel differently about the same degree of freedom.

I don't think it is a good idea to give eternity as a free gift to every one. A fool just repeats his stupidity, time is meaningless to him. It must be a reward for good work.

Let us imagine that god has decided only those who have spiritually and intelligently upgraded himself to a certain level will be able to understand the way to eternity, like the different between diamonds and carbons.

Some one may have intelligence but uses it to commits crimes or focus on making money, etc. 
Some one may never hurt an ant but not intelligent enough to master the complexity. 
So by rationality we mean the levels of intelligence and spirit are high and form a mutually benefitive pair of yin yang.

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