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         Will a person of high morality break any law

It is possible if the break is not directly linked with motives. Another case is what if the law is wrong? If a law is about to be abandoned or amended tomorrow, someone break it today?

To give a good and practical law, we need sufficient information to assess the situation, to balance the damage with the punishment, to demand evidence to prove the breaking, Do we have all that when putting the law down on the book?

Can we say that we are not serious about laws unless the damage is serious. Or the law is not practical any more. 90% of people just act to their morality perception, natural or learned, not laws.

Morality and legality are not completely separated because we have to ask if it is moral to give laws under insufficient information for the giver and receiver. 

They won't be the same thing,  because they have different purposes. If you got western law system and an Islamic morality belief, you got a big problem.

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