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  No -ism is good

I don’t find any extreme better than other extremes, no matter it is individuality, capitalism, nationalism, socialism, whatever.For example:


In fact the word "capitalism" in itself is not balanced, the phrase should be like a balanced influence of capital is acceptable. In fighting the feudalism, capitalism is a leading factor, but the victims of feudalism was not restricted to capital owners, so the success can not be attributed only to capitalism. Owning capital means the lord of something, it enlightens the people’s mind of self-fulfillment, of their own life values.
As for slavery, by more abstract definition, means being forced to do things against will, if not a criminal. When people are forced to doing unmoral things like cooking books by the fear of losing their jobs or chance of promotion, they are enslaved by the fear inflicted by the influence of” illegal” capital operation. Certainly this kind of slavery is different from the practice centuries ago, but the quality is the same, that is through fear, without inflicting fear and force, slavery won’t hold on, with or without capital.
The capital operation is carried out by human beings, so capitalism certainly has things to do with human nature. The thought of ever increasing profit is mutual, the question is by what means? In a win-win game it is ok, in win-lose game by nocking somebody out, no. So by allowing the win-win game and redlighting the win-lose game, the influence of capital is balanced by moral factors.
Unfortunately, blaming others for our own faults is another typical human sin, capital is one of the other victims. Even more sinful, because the desire for owning capital is so strong that someone just gives it a bad name in order to grab it out of others ownership, it legalize robbery.

Why should people believe something extreme in order to distinguish themselves? Extreme doctrines plus extreme attitude will be disastrous. When people start to hold on to something extreme they attack those who don't believe the same thing. Others and morality become dispendable in their eyes. The faith become unscrutinizable by objective observers, the list of badness can go on and on.

Calling this anti-ism-ism is not a precise presentation of the case. I do not oppose some isms completely, or I should say to take some positive factors of some isms on appropriate occasions. So no-ism is not any kind of ism in the common sense. It is synthetical not analytical and dose not belongs to the same conceptual set of isms.




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