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              Concepts of Object And Existance

 Is a dream an object?  Or is the meaning of a word an object?  Or is the image in a miror an object? Or is a passed-over body that was once there but no longer existing an object or a new product envisioned on the drawing a would-be object? 

So an object is associated with timing or existing within a spand or interval of time.   It is also related to space,should an object occupy some amount of space?

A dream is a sketch catoon, it may have a real world model, or just an imagination. A english word dose not have any meaning to a non-english reader, just a strange symbol.

Is the magnet field an object? Is magnetic field a universal object? Is space an object? Is time an object? Is motion an object?

When we zoom in, a table turns into a structure of wood substance,as we go on and on, it turns into molecules, atoms, particles,if we believe that only a few types of particles form the mass world of universe, then all the physical things must be a kind of structure of particles. Then is structure an object? Is a structure substantial or physical like particles?  Are the particles special or is the structure of the particles special?

If a table is an object made up of particles, what else is not so? What is special about it, the structure, that we call it a table, not a chair or anything else? 

So an object should be a structure or form of energy, which can interact with other structures or forms of energy to make it detectable. 

A dream is associated with some brain movement, like the meaning of a word is associated with some structure of lines, so it is detetable, like a car motion, the coordinate difference of time and space of a car tell us there is a motion, but we can also detect the car's change of energy of motion, so motion is an object. But they are not independent objects because their existance is associated with other forms of energy, a dream or motion can not exist by itself, without a word form, there is no meaning, so may be called by-object. If the definition is changed to as independent form or structure of energy, then motion or dream is not an object.

Objects can not be infinitely divided,there is always a place where any further cut will destroy the basic properties of objects, therefore take the objects out of existance.

Dose this definition apply to space and time? Is time or space a form of energy? A structure of energy is certainly associated with occupying space and consuming time. So consuming space represents existence. A by-object indirectly occupies space, that is the media carrying the meaning or motion.

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