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     On War

Can anybody live in peace without police? Police use force too, if using force is absolutely wrong, then we should get rid of all police and let criminals being disarmed through peaceful means too, we should talk to them day in and day out, wait for them for ever if not eaten by them fortunately.

I love peace and I will be the first to demand peace when justice is quaranteed to a great level and people are in charge, not a small number of rulers. Can we have world justice without justice being restored in every nation? Can anyone say being robbed, threatened, murdered and raped by the dictator is a better choice than a war that let them free of that? Why should the good people spend their time and resources in a containing way just because one man chooses to take profit on others? Otherwise they could spend on space mission or some other meaningful subjects.

The human world as whole certainly needs its own values to be guarded by laws, which serve the best interest of the world, and the human law is for human to discover and not in disagreement with natural laws. So we can not say that imposing is completely wrong. Certainly trying to impose every idea on every body is not acceptable too. You can not go to extremes even though you may believe you have the right ideas. The question is what kind of order is acceptable. No one enjoy a dictator's order for long except the ruler himself.

So we have to consider the basic questions like who has the natural and moral elements to represent the human interests as a whole? Who is paid and entrusted to be a world police? Who has the right to represent world population? Who is right in giving, explaining, judging in the name of international law?

In the Chinese medicine, there is a way to cure disease, which is called to kill disease poison with another poison. In that way the poison is used in the right way even though poison is a bad thing to life, like war is a bad thing to peace. We have to admit the fact that peace is not something free and kept by force.Weapons are dangerous killing tool and only the Saint can keep and use it right.

Since the modern poison of weapon is so dangerous, it must be kept and used in the right hand. If we wait for it to become imminent, it can be too big to afford like the cold war. Once is enough, will we be lucky next time or we should be smarter to avoid going through it again.

When there is no other easy way out, poison can save more lives than kills, we don’t have a choice like the commander have to choose between the lives in the plane or in the building.

Sometimes this is really paradoxical. The anti-war look more violent and unreasonable than the pro-war. I won’t believe anyone with good intentions will use ugly language to express themselves. I guess they are anti-anything. They need a public outlet to express their unreasonable feelings. It is really not matter if it is about war or anything, they just anti it anyway. I just wonder what drives them in their concern about giving peace to a criminal and what will they gain if not for the sake of justice? I am sure a leading role in promoting human rights and justice makes the shareholders of dictatorship very unhappy. Some play good-hearted with no sense of responsibility.Don’t always spend all the time on the good guys and keep the mouths shut facing the real animals.

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