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1,social psychology


Observation 1,

relativity of cleverness

one man's meat is another man's poison

your happiness is my pain.

your cleverness is a proof of others' stupidity.


Observation 2,

A girl will not envy a man's smartness but another girl's beauty;

A man will not envy a girl's beauty but another man's smartness.


Observation 3,

A smart man does not want others to be the same clever as he is.

A fool always want others to be the same stupid as he is.


Observation 4,

People tend to believe what makes them feel comfortable, not what is true to the fact.


Observation 5,

A person without self-respect does not know how to respect. He tends to feel superior or inferior to others, never learn to balance himself to equal to others.


Observation 6,

A fool will never realize he is a fool.


Observation 7,

Mind is a mirror of humanity, an uneven mind will reflect the world unevenly.


Observation 8,