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                What is god and where is he?

This is a strange era in which science is known by far short of majority while the material fruits of science can be used against the spirit of science and science has not been fully developed to the extent of solving all the cognition or action problems, sounds bad, doesn't it?

If god is a person, how can a person control the universe? To control the movement of a tiny particle? Or is the particle out of God's control?

If god is only within, who cares the outside?

I did not believe in God  years ago and the reason was obvious that no one has ever seen god and there is no direct evidence linking to its existence, like a footprint, a photo-picture, or a bone, etc. But I suggest that you imagine that if you were god and you want to prove your existence to your creatures, how would you like to do it?

How can we use the outside evidence to prove the existence of inside spirit? 

Remember that the original sins, no one is innocent in god's eyes,and I don't think god is totally free in his creation, for example, the materials available for his design are limited. So here comes the tragedy, with merits there are drawbacks. There is some hateful drawback with the pitiful creature. That is god' dilemma. You prefer god to create or not? That is your problem too.

This is not a question of how many believers will justify a belief. This is my belief, that is all.
Who gives the world natural laws? Who can prove the natural laws exist? 
What ever you call the Entity that gives natural order to the universe, God, Angel, whatever you call it. 
He exists. I don't think this is an unfounded imagination.

We can only feel the force of god or the presents of god will. but we can not see such a powerful figure, I doubt if human being has the organ to detect god directly.

God is rooted in your inside, that is the rationality. When people say god is in your heart , that is not a very exact answer. In fact God is in the root of your life. There is an ancient Chinese saying which goes like “meditation will lead you to understand God. Being poor will make you understand other’s wishes.” So God is the rationality because the world is operating in a way as if there is a reason behind every phenomenon. We observe many natural rules. If we believe there is a consistent way of nature behavior, if it is god who makes it that way and if we believe that we, our very self, are a part of the nature, then we are awarded if we observe the natural rules, if not we get punishment by the nature, or the god.

If it is the god who makes the world have a consistent rules behind its behavior rooted in its inside mechanism, then God guide us through our own rationality, god may intervene on a large scale event, or big event, or vital event or system event in a very hidden way, he will not listen to our selfish prayers, he will  help us through revealing us the rationality. If we get more rationalized we are nearer to god.

Now people run the church as a business by attracting more customers through fear, social connection and rituals, often not as a place to reveal people the magic of rationality. When a sacred thing is tinged with business intention, it is degrading itself.

The fact that  Jews promote god does not mean that god is Jewish. No one should try to privatize god.

As to the practice of belief principles in world life, it is much the same as any other principles from any religion or philosophy or science. We should be careful of those manipulators. 

And the notion of original sin and the exploitation of the notion are different. The first is a cognition problem and the later is a political problem. The first does not automatically leads to the later, but unfortunately there is such a possibility.

Pros and cons are at least on equal footing in cognition, if not better, so god will not be felt by lowly minds, like animal do not know what is laser. 

If blind trust is every thing, what is the brain for? Trust in understanding is better. 

The physicists are trying all the way to incorporate all the forces, detected as magnetic, electric, gravity, etc, into a force that create them, but up to now the effort is far from finished.

If the one force were discovered by experiment and proved theoretically, you could take the force as god itself or a god behind the force, who sticks to the rules of the force, ie, god does as what he devices.

Search and find god with you.

Improve recognition level to reach him.

To understand god, you should read life, A Bible is only a helpful hand in understanding, but true belief will only comes from reality.

Guidance has nothing to do with mentality, it is a choice of free will to accept or not. Any one will need good advice. Only the mentally ill will deny that. As to the organized churches, they may develop more interest in personal benefits than searching the true value, which I also cast strong doubt upon.

Human being evolves. Maybe it is slow in your eyes.
I find much more pain than miracle in human history.
People associating miracles with god are interpreting god wrong, not god is a wrong assumption.

Religion is a pointer for people's reference before they find out what is what in their own life exploring process. Religion is not meant to stop people's own exploring, but as a guidelines for their consideration. 

God may use his power to make you feel cozy, but you know, they become lazy and irresponsible. They will degrade instead of evolution. If you do everything for them you will end up with 6 billion monkeys instead of people.

Will god feel proud of being worshiped by his stupid creatures? God, as a assumption of high intelligence, will not enjoy stupidity, logical, isn't?

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