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                  What is terrorism

I don't think they have philosophy of any kind, just a very strong desire to express themselves. Terror is a tool, a fearful tool to express and influence. The opposite tool is joy, an attractive tool. There are numerical neutral tools like peaceful appeals, petitions, civil disobedience etc.

The communism's goal is not said to be terror but the tools used to reach their goals is terror and force and when the terror tool is applied, the communists never gets out the cycle of exchanging more and more force and violence. 

In the end communism actually becomes terrorism and the goal is forgotten and the tool of terror becomes prime object, to build and maintain force, to quell opposition. That is the tool hijacks the goal.

So terror is not the right tool to use as the communists story proves. Whatever your political goal may be, don't use terror against innocent civilians. If force is necessary, only for those liable and convicted by fair trials.

A overall plan is needed to address the problem, not just react to the outgoing event, but also to the political roots that fuel the hate.

We had better straighten things out before getting more power than atomic bombs.

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