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    What is the relationship between philosophy and science?

The relationship is mutually complementary and form a pair of ying&yang in cognition.

Philosophy is strategic, metaphysical, methodology, synthetical;

science is tactic, physical, executive, analytical.

So philosophy is the yang and science is the yin. Every cognition must have these two factors even though the proportion of the two varies to the subject. Any knowledge without the support of both is regarded as false, or not true to the reality.

By nature, philosophy is more related to the wisdom and represents a higher level of cognition, science is more devoted to the experiment, or hard data facts.

Philosophy works in common with science by finding the  relationship of objects or linking causalities of phenomena, or what they call the truth, but philosophy is more limited in its activities because it can not experiment topics, quite unlike science built on huge experiment data. The topics of philosophy are generally too big or cross-many-specialties to arrange that, the only possibility is studying the natural course, that is observing history.

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