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                Yin Yang Philosophy

1,Study of Human Cognition

 1-1-1,Definition of Concepts of Philosophy


  1-1-3,Object And Existence

  1-1-4,Perception or Concept


  1-1-6,The definition of Yin Yang

  1-1-7,Fuzzy Mind

  1-1-8 Rationality

 1-1-8,Relativeness of Reference 

 1-2,Logics Structure and Level of Cognition

  1-2-1,Liar Paradox: Proposition and Process Uncertainty

  1-2-2,The Context of Consciousness

  1-2-3,Level of Consciousness

2, 心与物,意识与存在的关系

 2-1,We are not objective

 2-2,Language and Thinking

 2-3,What is the relationship between philosophy and science



 2-6, The Relationship between Rationalism and Empiricism

 2-7,No -ism is good

 2-8,Philosophy and Math


3,Study of philosophers














 4-2,Is morality relative to culture

 4-3,Will a person of high morality break any law



 4-6,Who is right in giving, explaining, judging in the name of international laws?

 4-7,On War

 4-8,What is terrorism

 4-9,Can we have knowledge and happiness at the same time?



 5-1,What is god and where is he?

 5-2,Meaning or Purpose of Life

 5-3,What is god's expectation for humans

 5-3,What is god's expectation for humans


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